Clover House Drug & Alcohol Treatment Therapies

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Drug or alcohol addiction is a disease that can be treated. Living in denial only makes your situation worse. Your loved ones will be worried about you and your physical and mental health will be compromised. If you have the following characteristics, then it’s time you sought medical intervention for your condition:

• Deterioration of your health and physical appearance.
• Continued use of alcohol or drugs while you are fully aware of the harm you are doing to yourself.
• Tolerance of alcohol or drug that you are using.
• Disregard of family obligations and work.

You are not alone; if you are struggling to beat your addiction, contact Clover House Rehab for treatment. Part of our treatment program includes use of therapy which we also combine with medication for withdrawal symptoms, relapse and detoxification which is not actual medication but just an initial process of the treatment.

Clover House Rehab Treatment

The therapies we use on our patients depend on one’s abuse patterns for drugs or alcohol as well as health. We have an organized variety of therapy sessions held on individual basis or in a group. The major treatment therapies we use include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

We use CBT to help our recovering patients deal with difficulty feelings or thoughts that may cause a relapse or affect sobriety. We also use this therapy to treat co-occurring conditions like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Holistic Therapy

We not only focus on treating your drug or alcohol addiction, our counselors are also determined to ensure an improvement in your overall well-being. Some of our therapies include guided meditation, acupuncture, yoga, art therapy and faith-based holistic treatment.

Faith-Based Treatment

At Clover House Treatment Center, we treat drug and alcohol addiction patients in a Christian environment which also caters for non-Christians. We have treatment programs that consider faith and spirituality values. Our faith-based treatment for recovering addicts helps them interact with other patients who have similar religious values on their journey to recovery.

12-Step Facilitation Therapy

Our 12-step program helps recovering addicts to accept that they have a drug or alcohol addiction and get motivation to connect with a higher power for guidance in reaching sobriety.

Addiction Support Groups

Clover House Rehab Center has reliable support groups that encourage drug or alcohol addicts throughout the entire recovery process. Even after treatment, a former addict that has been in the support group can live a positive life and therefore allow for ongoing care after rehabilitation.

In addition to these forms of therapies, we also include treatment for withdrawal symptoms. Drug or alcohol addition is real. You need to accept that you need some medical care if you are struggling with substance use or alcohol abuse. Continued denial only affects your mental and physical health, financial obligations and hurts your family. Clover House Rehab offers innovative and time-tested therapy options for youths and adults. If you are a drug/alcohol addict or have a dear one struggling with the condition, call us any time of the day or night. We will schedule an appointment with you and start a journey to your recovery process and stability in life.

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