Drug Detox and Ongoing Treatment Therapies

At Clover House treatment center, we use a standard treatment program for alcohol and drug addiction that begins with a medical detoxification and ongoing therapies. Here are the treatments that we use for patients with drug and alcohol addiction:

Drug and alcohol Detox

Medical detoxification is the first step in many alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Our trained physicians use particular medication to detoxify the body off the addictive drug or alcohol and ease the withdrawal symptoms that come with discontinued use of the substances. Withdrawal symptoms may continue for days or even months depending on the substances that the patient was using and how heavily he/she used them. Detoxification may involve 3 steps which are:

  • Evaluation – Evaluation is the basis of long-term treatment plan. In the process, a patient’s mental and physical health status is checked. Doctor’s also take blood samples to ascertain the levels of drugs or alcohol in the body system to determine the levels of medication needed. Medical, drug and psychiatric histories are also reviewed to help with treatment.
  • Stabilization – To prevent any exposure to harm, a patient is stabilized with psychological therapy and medication.
  • Treatment preparation – This is the final step of detoxification where a patient is familiarized with the treatment processes and what to expect.

Medical Detox for drug and alcohol addiction is highly recommended because the process is potentially dangerous and painful. Clover House center carries detoxification under medical supervision which allows patients to feel safe in a comfortable and safe environment.

Inpatient vs outpatient rehabilitation

We offer drug and alcohol treatment programs on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Our inpatient rehabs in our Christian environment offer residential full-time treatment programs to individuals with long-term and serious addictions. In the in-patient program, patients are given 24-hour nursing care and emotional support. We highly recommend family support for patients in the residential rehabilitation program. The residential program may last from about 28 days to 6 months. If you are getting yourself to the inpatient rehabilitation center, it is good to talk to your employer, make some arrangements for someone to look over your kids if you have any, plan how to get to and from the health center and find out the personal items you will need.

Clover House rehab center also offers outpatient care for drug and alcohol addicts. Outpatient detoxification is suitable for individuals with mild-to-moderate drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This type of rehabilitation is short-lived than inpatient detoxification. The treatment often does not last for more than 7 days. We also use 12 step groups as part of our outpatient treatment to help recovering addicts stay sober. Our clinicians also administer medications to ease conditions related to withdrawal symptoms such as increased heart rate, depression or anxiety. Medical attention for mental and physical evaluation is still important. Patients under this treatment can still stay at home with family or friends. Inpatient recovering addicts that have completed their program may also join outpatient treatment.

Ongoing therapies

Rehabilitation is not the end of care for recovering drug or alcohol addicts. Ongoing therapies ensure sobriety in life after rehab. Continuing therapy is important for emotional support because out there, you will interact with family, friends and even engage in hobbies that may trigger cravings. Protecting yourself from anything that may trigger cravings or drugs or alcohol is important. Ongoing therapy may include support groups, cognitive behavior therapy to help you understand your underlying issues so as to address them holistically and check-ups from mental healthcare professionals. At Clover House Treatment Center, we will treat your addiction and help you resume a normal life of sobriety.

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